Meet The Mini-Beasts

Our popular Meet the Mini-Beasts tour turns your class into jungle explorers and introduces them to the Butterfly Farm, its' inhabitants, the life-cycle of a butterfly and the tropical rainforest environment in which they live!
Meet the Mini-Beasts

The Meet the Mini-Beast tour has been updated to implement changes required due to COVID-19 Distuption.

Your tour begins with an introductory talk from your guide about the Butterfly Farm and its inhabitants in the Education Area. 

The tour then moves into the Rainforest Flight Area where you and your class turn into jungle explorers and experience the tropical warmth of a rainforest and discover hundreds of the worlds' most beautiful butterflies flying around. Your class will learn about food webs, predator defence and metamorphosis in an engaging, visual manner, right in front of their eyes!

Children will be able to view all stages of the butterfly life cycle during their visit. Within the Discovery Zone your class can look for eggs and caterpillars, their food plants and watch butterflies hatch from chrysalis in the Emerging Case.

In the Discovery Zone there will be opportunities for your class to view closely, fascinating animals such as stick insects, millipedes and giant African land snails.

A Wander Through the Rainforest

With the tour half way through, we wander through the Rainforest Flight Area, walking over the waterfall bridge looking for some of the other inhabitants of the Butterfly Farm such as Prudence the green iguana, a variety of birds and huge fish in the pond.

In Minibeast Metropolis your class can observe reptiles and spiders and watch the fascinating leafcutter ants, one of the largest on display in the UK, bring leaves back to their colony along rope work above your heads.The Metropolis is also the place to ask your guide any questions you or your class may have about the Butterfly Farm and the creatures that live there.

Your guide will leave you and your class of jungle explorers in Minibeast Metropolis so that you may go round the one way system one more time before you head back through the Rainforest Flight Area to the Education Area where your tour began.