Important information for planning a school visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm whilst COVID-19 Regulation & Social Distancing Measures are in place

This section contains all you need to know for planning your next school trip to Stratford Butterfly Farm including risk assessment and terms and conditions.
Re-opening of Stratford Butterfly Farm
  • We're Good To Go!We're Good To Go!

Stratford Butterfly Farm understands it can seem rather daunting planning a school visit under the current conditions. This section will hopefully make the decision easier for you to make as to whether you think the butterfly farm is a suitable venue to bring your class.

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm successfully re-opened 4 JULY 2020 to visitors and butterfly farm staff in accordance with government guidelines and social distancing measures due to COVID-19 and we now look forward to warmly welcoming back schools.

During the closure best procedure was put in place to make Stratford Butterfly Farm a COVID Secure Environment. Stratford Butterfly Farm has since adapted its policy so that staff and visiting schools are protected and safe as well as being able to enjoy time spent at the Butterfly Farm on a school trip.

Our policy is under constant review and will be adapted and implimented as required.

Here are the measures that are in place to ensure a safe, educational and fun visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm whilst under COVID-19 restrictions.

  •  A one way system has been put in place throughout the butterfly farm including entrance and exit
  • Enhanced cleaning procedure is in place throughout the butterfly farm in both public and staff areas.
  • Visiting schools are responsible for their own social distancing which is currently 1m plus.
  • Hand sanitiser is at key points throughout the butterfly farm in both public and staff areas.
  • Whilst government restrictions are in place visiting schools are requested that if member of their school group are feeling unwell, they do not attend the trip. The Butterfly Farm will only invoice for those that attend on the day.
  • If any member of the visiting school group has any of the three symptoms of corona virus leading up to or on the day of the visit, the school must inform Stratford Butterfly Farm immediately. The visit will be rebooked to a future date within the school academic year.
  • Any member of staff displaying any COVID-19 symptoms must inform their line manager and let them know immediately and be tested and self-isolate for at least 10 days or until they are recovered. If the result is negative, they can come back to work. They must also inform their line manager if they have had any close contact with any of their co-workers as they may need to self-isolate.
  • Any member of staff displaying any COVID-19 symptoms at work will be sent home immediately and request a COVID-19 test.
  • Stratford Butterfly Farm will report more than 1 positive test of COVID-19 amongst staff to the local health protection team of Public Health England and follow their advice.
  • Any person displaying COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed entrance to the Butterfly Farm along with all members of their group.
  • NHS Test and Trace information will be collected from all lead teachers and recorded on the butterfly farm’s daily test and trace sheet. This will be handed over immediately to the NHS if requested. The data will be stored in line with GDPR and destroyed after 21 days. Staff on duty will also be recorded on the daily test and trace sheet.
  • All staff are to increase handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and touch points, throughout the gift shop and all areas of the butterfly farm including staff areas and toilets, on a regular and frequent basis.
  • School lockers to be disinfected after each use.
  • Unless exempt all teachers and accompanying adults must wear face masks on entry to the butterfly farm, including children aged 11 years and over.
  • Staff must wear face masks or a visor in any public area and choose to wear one in staff areas.
  • Guides must wear a face visor whilst conducting tours and maintain a 2 metre social distance from their group.
  • All children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times in all areas of the butterfly farm, with a teacher student ratio of 1:10
  • The Butterfly Farm will allocate time slots to school bookings. The public will not be able to book tickets whilst schools are visiting within their time slot.
  • To confirm a booking a deposit of 25% will be required. This will be non-refundable but may be used to transfer a booking within the school academic year if the school are unable to attend on their chosen day.
  • Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place school visits will last one hour. Schools must arrive promptly so that their tour can start on time. Allow for toilet time and jumpers to be put into lockers.If your school is late we cannot guarentee an hour for your visit.
  • Staff must observe social distancing in all areas of the farm including off show and staff areas.
  • Schools must wait outside the gift shop entrance, on the marker, until a member of staff allows them in.
  • All visiting schools must sanitise their hands using the Safe4 disinfectant spray on entry to the butterfly farm. Data sheet available on request.
  • Disinfectant spray stations are provided throughout the farm for both staff and schools to use
  • On entry schools must follow the instructions of butterfly farm staff and place their belongings in the allocated lockers only. The cloakroom is currently unavailable
  • Posters reminding schools and staff to wash their hands and to keep social distance are displayed in key areas.
  • The content of both the ‘Meet the Mini Beasts’ tour and ‘Discover the Maya’ tour will remain the same. The only change being is that handling sessions are unavailable with COVID-19 restrictions in place.
  • To go round again or use the toilet facilities schools will need to come back into the gift shop to reuse the flight area entrance.
  • Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place schools may not re-enter the farm once their allocated time of one hour.
  • Schools will not be allowed to eat snacks or lunches at the Butterfly Farm. We recommend that all children bring a water bottle to be kept on their person during their visit.
  • With COVID-19 restrictions in place children will be unable to browse or make purchases in the gift shop. Schools may pre-order gift packs to be picked up on departure and paid by invoice.
  • Schools must depart promptly and orderly by following the exit path around the outside of the garden.
  • Schools are responsible for administering first aid to any member of their school party.
Terms & Conditions for a school visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm