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Education Area

The Education Area is dedicated to fascinating and useful information about where in the world our butterflies come from, the story of the Butterfly Farm and it's link to the rainforests of Belize and the ancient Maya civilisation!
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During term-time it is the place where we meet and greet our school and group visitors before they go off on their rainforest adventure with one of our tour guides from the education team. There are plenty of pull out lockers for schools and groups to leave coats, jumpers and packed lunches. It is here that our schools and groups will be given an introductory talk about the Butterfly Farm.

Weekends and school holidays this area becomes your gateway to the Rainforest Flight Area and where the friendly Reception team will greet you on arrival.

Whether its term time or school holidays, this is the place to find out about the fascinating story of Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm, its links to the rainforests of Belize and the amazing ancient Maya civilisation.

The walls are full of beautifully illustrated interpretation telling our story, the story of the Maya and informing of where in the world our different species of butterflies come from.