Minibeast Metropolis

Minibeast Metropolis is teeming with life and houses one of the largest insect collections in the UK. It is also home to our snakes, reptiles, amphibians and other invertebrates. Come and see these fascinating creatures up close!
  • Amazon Milk FrogAmazon Milk Frog
New arrivals in the Metropolis!

Here at Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm we constantly change our exhibits to make things different for our returning visitors. We have a number of species that we keep off show so that we can vary and rotate our displays.

Latest arrivals in the Metropolis are the Pumpkin Patch Tarantula and the Camel Spider.

Please find below some of the creatures currently on display in Minibeast Metropolis.

Radiant Sun Beetle
  • Radiant Sun Beetle, Prionotheca coronataRadiant Sun Beetle, Prionotheca coronata

Prionotheca coronata

The Radiant Sun Beetle is a type of Beetle found throughout the Middle East.

They have tough wing cases covered in small spines which help deter predators.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped them and would hollow out the beetles to wear as protective amulets to avert evil spirits.

Giant Leaf Insect
  • Giant Leaf InsectGiant Leaf Insect

Phyllium giganteum

These spectacular leaf like insect originate from the rainforests of Malaysia and can grow to over 10cms in length.

They are so good at looking like leaves that they often nibble each other by mistake!

All of our leaf insects are females. The males of this species are so rare that the females have developed the ability to reproduce with out them.

Pumkin Patch Tarantula
  • Pumpkin Patch TarantularPumpkin Patch Tarantular

Hapalopus sp.

This stunning, beautifully coloured spider originates from the rainforests of Columbia. 

The spiders name is derived from its distinctive, brightly coloured orange and yellow abdomen markings. Although fairly small in size it has plenty of attitude!

Camel Spider
  • Camel SpiderCamel Spider

Galeodes arabs

Camel spiders originate from the deserts of the Middle East and are also known as wind scorpions but they are neither true spiders or true scorpions and in fact have their very own order, Solifugae, which means flee from the sun.

They have powerful jaws which they use as their primary weapon to pulp, chop and saw their victims bodies. Their digestive fluids are then used to liquefy their preys flesh to enable them to suck the remains into their stomachs! Their prey includes insects, lizards, small birds and even rodents.