Minibeast Metropolis

Minibeast Metropolis is teeming with life and houses one of the largest insect collections in the UK. It is also home to our snakes, reptiles, amphibians and other invertebrates. Come and see these fascinating creatures up close!
  • Amazon Milk FrogAmazon Milk Frog
The Latest News from Minibeast Metropolis

2022 will see some very exciting changes to Minibeast Metropolis!

Team Butterfly is creating a brand new landscaped exhibition space with some truly spectacular creatures to inhabit it. 

Minibeast Metropolis will remain open during its metamorphosis with restricted access in some areas. We hope you enjoy watching the development of our project.


Throughout 2021 our breeding pairs of Dwarf Sungazers, Amazon Milk frogs and Rhinoceros Rat snakes all managed to successfully produce brand new offspring!

  • Dwarf Sungazer HatchlingsDwarf Sungazer Hatchlings
  • Amazon Milk FrogletAmazon Milk Froglet
  • Rhinoceros Rat Snake HatchlingRhinoceros Rat Snake Hatchling

In May of 2021 the Minibeast team were ecstatic to discover our female Sungazer had given birth to a healthy neonate. Dwarf Sungazers are ovoviviparous, meaning they produce eggs that hatch inside the body before giving birth to the live young. Over the following days she produced three more healthy sungazers that are now on display in Minibeast Metropolis!



The Amazon Milk frogs have been very busy this year, surprising the team with multiple batches of frogspawn. Amazon Milk frog spawn develops very quickly and tadpoles can begin to hatch as little as 24 hours after the eggs were laid! 




The Rhinoceros Rat snakes didn't disappoint either, producing five healthy hatchlings in late August. The freshly hatched snakes are grey in colour and will gradually turn green over the first few years of their lives.

New arrivals in the Metropolis!
  • Black WidowBlack Widow

At Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm we regularly change our exhibits to make things different for our returning visitors. We have a variety of species that we keep off show so that we can vary and rotate our displays.

Latest arrivals in the Metropolis are six juvenile Axolotls and a Black Widow spider!

Please find below some of the other creatures currently on display in Minibeast Metropolis!

Dyeing Poison Arrow Frogs!
  • Dying Poison Arrow FrogDying Poison Arrow Frog

Dendrobates tinctorius matecho

These little frogs originate from French Guiana and get their name from the misconception that natives used to use the brightly coloured frogs to dye fabric.

They are a bold, vibrant frog, yellow on the back and blue on the legs and can grow up to two inches long, making it one of the largest species of poison frogs. True to their name, poison frogs are among the most toxic animals on Earth!