Watch this Space!

Coming soon..... brand new exhibition in Minibeast Metropolis!
Please Stand By!

Work has started on an exciting, brand new exhibition that will feature in Minibeast Metropolis!

Minibeast Metropolis will remain open during its metamorphosis with restricted access in some areas. We hope you enjoy watching the development of our project.

Progress will be updated on this news feed.

Minibeast Metropolis Update!

The first room of Minibeast Metropolis is open as normal to the public and features a variety of spiders, dying poison arrow frogs, sungazer lizards and rhinoceros rat snake hatchlings to name but a few. The 2nd room of Minibeast Metropolis has one section open to the public with the larger section currently sectioned off whilst the first phase of the renovation takes place.

The old exhibition within the second part of Minibeast Metropolis has been successfully removed. All creatures that lived within this area have been rehomed either off show, in the Discovery Zone or within the first room of Minibeast Metropolis.

  • What do we do with all this space!What do we do with all this space!

A new exhibition is rising from the old exhibition ashes!

  • Out with the old!Out with the old!
  • Beginnings of an interior wall!Beginnings of an interior wall!
  • Interior wall going up!Interior wall going up!
  • New exhibition starting to take shape.New exhibition starting to take shape.