Summer Arrivals!

Just in time for the summer holidays, several stunning new butterflies and tropical birds have taken up residence in the Flight Area!
Dircena Dero

Dero Clearwing, also known as Dircena dero,

Butterflies and Birds!

After months of careful sourcing from their tropical butterfly farmers, the Butterfly Farm has introduced several butterfly species that have seldom been on display before.

These include the ‘Dero Clearwing’, also known as Dircena dero, which comes from the rainforests of Columbia, the ‘Procilla Beauty’, also known as Panacea procilla, which originates from Costa Rica and the ‘Blue Pansy’, also known as Junonia orithya which comes from Thailand.

  • Junonia orithyaBlue Pansy, also known as Junonia orithya

In addition, there are also two new ‘Kakarikis’, two ‘Diamond Doves’, two ‘Java Sparrows’ and two ‘Rosy Bourkes’. These striking coloured birds, which originate from New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, are also very mischievous! Found in the Flight Area, the birds happily co-exist with the butterflies in their natural style habitat. The birds, which only feed on seeds and don’t eat butterflies, are extremely friendly and amazing to watch as they fly around.

  • KakarikiKaraiki, or Cyanoramphus sp.