Here comes the Summer!

This summer the whole family can enjoy the relaxing pleasure of walking amongst some of the world’s most stunning and colourful butterflies in a tropical rainforest setting!
Here comes the Summer!


Meet the Mini-Beast handling sessions, Butterfly Life Cycle, Pupae and Snake demonstrations will be held in the Discovery Zone throughout the summer holidays at 11:00. *

  • Each Tuesday Richard Read, the butterfly farm’s resident expert horticulturist will be in the Discovery Zone talking about houseplants, how to care for them and the benefits of having plants in your home or office; and how to create ‘nature gardens’ to attract wildlife into your own green areas.
  • Pupae demonstrations take place every Wednesday and will show visitors how we populate the butterfly farm with butterflies from all over the tropics, learn about the conservation and community projects the pupae has been farmed from, how it’s transported to the butterfly farm and how we prepare the pupae on wooden rods before being placed in the Emerging Case ready for emergence.
  • Thursdays will be snake demonstration day! An expert member of the team will introduce viistors to the resident rhinoceros rat snake and learn about how it is fed, its natural habitat and interesting facts about snakes in general.
  • On Fridays we shine a light on what we do best, the life-cycle of a butterfly! The team will be on hand to tell visitors how amazing their life-cycle is and the difference between a pupae and a cocoon.
  • At the weekends we will be concentrating on the mini-beasts that live at the butterfly farm. Under the watchful eye of the education team visitors can get close to and handle such creatures as Madagascan hissing cockroaches, hermit crabs, giant African land snails and a variety of stick insects.

*All handling sessions and demonstrations are subject to availability and the welfare of the creatures and maybe withdrawn with no notice. 

  • Discovery Zone Demonstration AreaDiscovery Zone Demonstration Area

To guarantee entrance over the summer holidays tickets should be purchased in advance from the online booking system. We do except walk-ins but we will prioritise pre-booked visits and you may be asked to wait.

The Butterfly Farm recommends reading the INFORMATION section of the website to help plan a visit. Please note we will be busier than normal during the holidays and operating at full capacity. If you are nervous about visiting post pandemic you may to prefer to visit after 4PM when it is quieter.

Tickets can be booked HERE

The outside gardens are open with benches and picnic tables available. Soft drinks, ice-creams, snacks and confectionery are available in the gift shop.

  • Rhinoceros Rat Snake Rhinoceros Rat Snake
  • Pupae DemonstrationPupae Demonstration
  • Meet the Mini-Beast Handling SessionMeet the Mini-Beast Handling Session