Connecting to Nature!

Recent studies have shown that being close to nature and spending time outside is good for you!
Wildflower Garden

Whist we have been living in lockdown many of us have realised how benefical it has been to our mental health to connect with nature!

We have enjoyed the walks with our family and the opportunity to spend more time outside than we ever thought we would! Hopefully these things will stay with us when lockdown is over and we can carry on appreciating and respecting the natural world around us and the amazing creatures that live within it.

Some of us have discovered the pleasure of gardening for the first time and would like to attract butterflies and other wildlife into our gardens but are are not quite sure where to start. Stratford Butterfly Farm have put some ideas together so that you can have fun creating your very own 'Nature Garden' and involve the whole family in a green project.

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  • Nature GardenNature Garden