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1) All prices are in pounds (£), Euros (€) and Dollars ($).
2) Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm Ltd. Reserves the right to change any or all stated prices as a result of currency fluctuations.
3) VAT is charged at standard rate to all EU customers UNLESS we have your Vat registration number.
1) Availability cannot be guaranteed for any given species at any given time. Should we be able to deliver a particular species we will try to offer a close substitute.
2) All pupae are quality checked during packing and are dispatched in A1 condition.
3) Any claims for losses or damage in transit must be sent within 24 hours of arrival. After this time no claims will be permitted.
1) All shipments are sent by TNT, unless DHL is specifically requested.
2) We can ship using EMS (a cheaper service than TNT or DHL), at the customers request. We cannot accept any responsibility for the condition of the pupae on arrival as this service is not time guaranteed.
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