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The Stratford Butterfly Farm offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn about tropical rainforests, insects and other animals.

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To book your visit simply call 01789 299288 or email John,

Complimentary familiarisation visit for up to two teachers, downloadable risk assessment & Education packs are available. Free guided tour to pre booked groups of 10+. Key stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum subjects. Tours tailored to the needs of your group. Expert guides. One teacher free for every 10 children.

Bring your class to Stratford Butterfly Farm for a lesson they will never forget!

A visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm offers an excellent opportunity for children of all ages to learn about tropical rainforest environments and the plants and animals that live within these habitats. With plenty of hands on, close observation and activity in an authentic rainforest environment, the Butterfly Farm is the perfect place for a magical and educational day out with your class.

All pre booked groups of 10+ receive a guided tour at no extra cost. Tours last for approximately one hour and are led by an experienced member of the Education Team, who present all aspects of the Butterfly Farm in an engaging and educational manner. For those studying a particular topic, let us know and we will tailor the tour to the needs of your group.

School visits should be booked in advance. If you have a particular date in mind please book early as Spring and Summer months are popular. Current school rates are £5.25 per child or teacher with one free teacher place for every 10 children.

Introducing our new tour, Discover the Maya, a rainforest civilisation.

Bring your class to the Butterfly Farm and find out about the ancient Maya and how they were able to build a civilisation within the rainforest. See for yourselves the crops they farmed in the rainforest and are still being farmed today and discover their ancient artefacts that have been replicated and are now on display throughout the Butterfly Farm. For more information and to book a 'Discover the Maya' tour please call 01789 299288 or email

Meet the Mini-Beasts

Our popular Meet the Mini-Beasts tour begins with a brief introduction to the Butterfly farm, its' inhabitants and the tropical rainforest environment. The tour then moves into the Rainforest Flight Area where there are hundreds of beautiful tropical butterflies flying around. We will look at butterfly anatomy, feeding and introduce the butterfly lifecycle. Children will be able to view all stages of the life cycle, including a range of caterpillars in the Discovery Zone and watch butterflies hatch from their chrysalis in the Emerging Case. We will look at food webs, predator defence and metamorphosis in a hands on and engaging manner.

With the tour half way through we now have a relaxed wander through the Rainforest Flight Area, walking over the waterfall bridge and looking at some of the other inhabitants of the Butterfly Farm such as iguana lizards, birds and fish. The tour then enters Minibeast Metropolis where your guide will take out a range of fascinating animals such as stick insects, millipedes and giant African land snails for your group to view closely and (for those who want to) hold. Here you can also observe reptiles and spiders and watch the fascinating leafcutter ants, one of the largest on display in the UK, bring leaves back to their colony along rope work above your heads. The Minibeast Metropolis is the place to ask your guide any questions you may have about the Butterfly Farm.

The Butterfly Farm has teamed up with Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall!

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm and Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall have joined forces to offer a fantastic value for money opportunity to bring learning to life in two very different, unique environments. Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall is a brand new visitor attraction in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon. Here your class can discover the very classroom where William Shakespeare was educated and inspired to become the worlds' greatest playwright. Immerse your class in 16th century Stratford and participate in a Tudor Schoolroom lesson and even brush up on your Latin!

Bookings for this combination visit can be made Monday-Friday, term time, at 11am and 1pm. Please specify at the time of booking which attraction your class would like to visit first. Both tours last approximately 1 hour. Cost of combination ticket is £9.00 per child or teacher with 1 free teacher place for every 10 children.

To book this very special educational visit please call 01789 299288 or email

For more information on Shakespeare's Schoolroom & Guildhall please visit their website:

Not at School? It doesn't matter, you can still come and have a tour!

Our tours aren't just for schools we do them for EVERYONE!! So if you are from a club, a society, a care home, or it's your birthday or special occasion and there are 10 or more people who fancy a unique day out, why not come to the tropics! We have discounted admission rates for groups and a coach drop off point outside the entrance gates. Coach parking is available at the local leisure centre. We will even let your driver in for free. Please call or email and in BOOK in advance so we can make sure we have a guide for you.