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The Stratford Butterfly Farm offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn about tropical rainforests, insects and other animals.

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A visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm offers an excellent opportunity for children of all ages to learn about tropical rainforest environments and the plants and animals that live within these habitats.

All pre booked groups of 10+ receive a guided tour at no extra cost. The tour lasts for one hour and is led by an experienced member of staff who is able to present all aspects of the butterfly farm in an entertaining and educational manner. For those who are studying a particular topic in class, we can tailor the tour to the needs of your group. Just let us know and we will do our very best to incorporate this into your tour.

New for 2016, Introducing the Maya, a rainforest civilisation.

Bring your class to the Butterfly Farm and find out all about the ancient Maya, the crops they grew in the rainforest and discover their ancient artefacts that have been replicated and are now on display throughout the Butterfly Farm. For more information please call 01789 299288

Dr Diane Davies, expert Maya Archaeologist, will be giving teacher workshops and class presentations on the Maya, as well as guiding school groups through the exciting new exhibition. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring history to life for your class. For dates, prices and more information visit or call 07703 436398


Meet the Mini-Beasts

Our popular meet the mini-beasts tour begins with a brief introduction to the Butterfly farm, its' inhabitants and the tropical rainforest environment. The tour then moves into the Rainforest Flight Area where there are hundreds of beautiful tropical butterflies flying around. We will look at butterfly anatomy, feeding and introduce the butterfly lifecycle. Children will be able to view all stages of the life cycle, including a range of caterpillars in the Discovery Zone and watch butterflies hatch from their chrysalis in the Emerging Case. We will look at food webs, predator defence and metamorphosis in a hands on and engaging manner.

With our tour half way through we now have a relaxed wander through the Rainforest Flight Area, walking over the waterfall bridge and looking at some of the other inhabitants of the Butterfly Farm such as iguana lizards, birds and fish. We also have on display artefacts from the ancient Maya, a rainforest civilisation, that have been replicated and can be found throughout the Butterfly Farm. The tour then enters Mini-Beast Metropolis where your guide will take out a range of fascinating animals for your group to view closely and (for those who want to) hold. These include stick insects, millipedes and giant African land snails. Your group will learn about spiders and scorpions and watch the fascinating leafcutter ants, which is one of the largest on display in the UK, bring leaves back to their colony. The Minibeast Metropolis is the place to ask your guide any questions you may have about the Butterfly Farm.

With plenty of hands on, close observation and activity in an authentic rainforest environment, we believe Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm offers the perfect place for a magical and educational day out with your class.

School visits should be booked well in advance. We are very busy in the spring and summer months and if you have a specific date in mind you will need to book it early. The current school group rate is £5.25 per child or teacher with one free teacher for every 10 children.

Already left school? You can still come and have a tour!

 The tours aren't just for Children we do them for Adults too!! So if you are from a club or society, have 10 or more people and fancy a spectacular day out, why not come to the tropics (Pina Coladas not included, sorry!). We have discounted admission rates for groups and there is a coach drop off point outside the front door (coach parking is available at the local leisure centre). We will even let your driver in for free. Please call and book so we can make sure we have a guide for you.