Award Winning Wildflower Garden

For many years Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly farm is proud to have been awarded a place in the Tourist Attraction category for Stratford in Bloom, the most recent being Highly Commended in 2016. Our stunning wildflower meadow of constantly changing colours really impressed our visitors and judges of the local competition. From June to October the front garden of the Butterfly Farm is awash with a myriad of different coloured wild flowers, every week is different! More importantly they are in the top 10 of nectar plants, perfect to attract UK butterflies into the garden. Why not download our gardening for butterflies leaflet and plan your very own butterfly garden.

Creating a butterfly garden is an exiting and rewarding endeavour. It is easy to invite butterflies in to your area by gardening with their needs in mind. These beautiful insects will add bright colours and entertaining antics to your garden display.


During a couple of hours one sunny afternoon in August we took part in the Big Butterfly Count and spotted 9 different species of butterfly in our wildflower Garden. This one is a Small Tortoiseshell. 

The wildflower garden features a beautiful mural specially commissioned for the Butterfly Farm. Designed by Madeline Smith, it was installed in 2016 and makes a fantastic addition to the garden.