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5th July 2018

Even more Spiders on display at Stratford Butterfly Farm!

The Stratford Butterfly Farm has recently taken in a number of new Spiders which are on display in Minibeast Metropolis!

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm has recently taken in a number of new spiders which are on display in Minibeast Metropolis. These include 3 Australian Redback Spiders, also known as latrodectus hasselti along with a Chilean Rose Tarantula, otherwise known as Grammostola rosea. Also newly displayed are the giant prickly stick insects or Extatasoma tiaratum.

The female Redback Spiders are jet black and about the size of a 5p piece with a bright red stripe down their abdomen. The males are only 3mm and are light brown with white markings and no stripe. The Spiders are very similar to Black Widow Spiders found inthe USA. The females are cannibalistic like the Black Widow but with an unusual twist - the male Redback will assist the female by presenting himself to her so she can eat him!

The Chilean Rose Tarantula is a typically tame and docile species of Tarantula, best known for its lovely pink colouring on its body. They have tiny hair like barbs that can be used as defence by flicking the bristles at a predator causing an irritating, itching sensation! The Giant Prickly Stick Insect, otherwise known as Macleay’s Spectre, originates from Australia. It is very well camouflaged and will curl its tail up over its body to mimic a scorpion which helps keep the predators away!