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11th October 2017

Half Term at the Butterfly Farm!

Golden Poison Dart Frogs Go On Display!

The latest inhabitants at the Stratford Butterfly Farm this October half term are a number of Golden Poison Dart Frogs, also known as Phyllobates terribilis. The Frogs, which are native to the rainforests of the Pacific coast of Columbia, each contain 1 milligram of poison - strong enough to kill 20 human beings! Indigenous hunters would dip their blow darts into secreted poison, hence where they get their name.

Friday 27 October see’s the launch of ‘Leafcutter’, an exciting new children’s book written specially for the Butterfly Farm and features the adventures of Annie set within a leafcutter ant colony. Author and Illustrator John Eames and Nicola Dennis will be at the Butterfly Farm signing copies. John will be reading excerpts from the book throughout the day and you can join Nicola for some colourng fun.

During half term (21 - 29 October), children and adults can discover some of the amazing creatures that live at the Farm with the ever popular ‘Meet the Minibeast’ handling sessions. These take place twice a day with the Education Team in the Discovery Zone. Visitors will be able to hold a variety of Stick Insects, African Land Snails, Giant Millipedes and even Madagascan Cockroaches. There will also be opportunities to get up close to the Tailless Whip Scorpion! The Scorpion originates from Central Africa where it lives in caves and crevices; however they are completely harmless and have no venomous tail. (Please note the Whip Scorpion can only be handled by the Education Team as they move very quickly!).